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Empowering Women to Rise Up, Find Their Voice and Use It

This is a platform for woman to blossom.  We have a voice. This is where you can find, use it, and learn to shout for other women in need.  Join the movement for personal growth and social change.



Casandra Townsel, LCSW

I have always been passionate about helping others. With over twenty-two years in the helping profession, I have had the opportunity to assist many souls experience healthy change.  My goal and purpose in life is to help others navigate through life's challenges with a holistic and organic approach.  I have exemplified this in my practice as a Certified Trauma Professional.  During my time working with those struggling with substance use disorder, I recognized that trauma was at the root of substance use, and traditional talk therapy didn't always work.  Implementing Brainspotting (BSP) into my learning and practice has had such a positive impact with clients.

I serve as a board member for agencies that work to bring supportive services to those in disenfranchised communities, impacted by homeless and those immersed in human trafficking.  My role as a Certified Trauma Specialist for Sex Trafficking & Sex Industry Exploitation (CTS-S) has advanced me the position to advocate for and educate about the freedom of women and children as well as empower women to raise a collective voice for change.  My passion for the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities is what fuels my diligence and voice for sustainable change. 

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"A Woman who knows what she brings to the table is not afraid to eat alone."

As women, the load is never easy, yet we are stronger for it.  Our resiliency is the result of our roles and responsibilities that have helped us blossom into the lotus we are destined to be.  As women of color to maneuver through this life can test our resolve.  The isms in the world tend to cause us to bend, but we don't have to break.  

Despite these barriers, we can have our voice.  We can raise a collective voice to help others as well.  If you are struggling to find your authenticity, your voice, or your worth lets work together.  Need to use your voice as part of a collective choir for change, let's collaborate. 



I offer services to help address trauma, process grief, reduce stress and anxiety, and transition through life's challenging situations. I take a holistic and organic approach, allowing for a client-focused experience that brings attunement and healing.
I find purpose in helping women of color work through ABCS (Agreements, Boundaries, Compassion, and Shame) to experience growth and discover their worth for ultimate authenticity.  
I am an educator on human trafficking and its impact on the BIPOC communities; encouraging individuals, communities, and organizations to learn more and begin the journey for impactful change.

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